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    7inch LCD monitor with Quad and DVR recorder functions, support 4pcs cameras inputs and recording
    1-Display size: 7inch
    2-DVR functiona for optional
    3-Display format: 16:9
    4-Power dissipation: 7.5W
    5-Power supply: 9V-36V
    6-Format: NTSC/PAL
    7-LCD Pixel: 800*RGB*480
    8-Video input: 4 video inputs
    9-SD max support:128GB
    10-H.264 compressed format.
    11-Built-in quad control box function
    12-Support four camera inputs Single View/Split view/Quad view selectable
    13-Trigger priority: CAM 1>CAM 2>CAM 3>CAM 4
    14-With high-low voltage protection and short circuit protection
    15-cameras for 600TVLINES 120degree wide view angle



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